G07 POP-UP Laptop Kickstand-Black
G07 POP-UP Laptop Kickstand-Black
G07 POP-UP Laptop Kickstand-Black
G07 POP-UP Laptop Kickstand-Black
G07 POP-UP Laptop Kickstand-Black
G07 POP-UP Laptop Kickstand-Black
G07 POP-UP Laptop Kickstand-Black

G07 POP-UP Laptop Kickstand-Black

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Portable Ergonomic Pop-Up Leg Stand for Laptop

Thanks to the built-in spring, here is the unbelievable pop-up laptop stand, just a click, kickstand flick in 0.1s. Super portable, carry it around with you anywhere anytime, no need to pack anything extra.

Not only portable, they are also highly sturdy and minimally intrusive, you can't even feel it until you noticed there were no more overheating or fans noise. Since it won't block heat releasing, instead, it increases the air circulation.

With ergonomic design, no more pain from wrist, shoulders, neck for continuous typing and watching, since the stand brings the ideal eye-level height for optimum posture.

  • built-in spring, pop up, eyes free, easily folded
  • mini size, light weight, convenient to install and use, take it anywhere
  • solid material, with anti slip pad, super sturdy
  • high-quality adhesive, no falloff
  • stylish design, PU surface, gentle touch
  • round smooth edge, won't scratch or dent anything
  • wide compatibility, use it on anything you want

    Great Heat Dissipation

    Without blocking of the air outlet, with the forward-tilt angle, airflow increased greatly, keep your laptop running cooler.

    No more overheating and fans noise.

    Instantly Pop-Up

    Click and pop open in 0.1s, close without turning laptop around. Super easy and convenient to use.

    Built-in high quality springs, make this one-of-a-kind laptop kickstand.

    Simplified Design

    Mini size and light weight, adhesive on the back of your laptop, take it anywhere without extra pack.

    Size: 3.15*0.79*0.16 inches
    Weight: 1.4oz/40g/each

    Least intrusive.


    Better Tactile Feel

    A whole PU leather on the surface of the kickstand. With the exquisite PU, every touch while you open and close the stand is soft and warm, not cold and hard from metal.

    Not One Time Use

    Reuse on Other Devices


    Install & Reuse

    1. Remove the blue release paper on the back of the stand
    2. Stick it on the back of the laptop. Please kindly make sure to get them parallel to each other and the edge.
    3. Remove stand from laptop and clean adhesive on them.
    4. Stick with new original adhesive, get new stand.
    • Stick the 2pcs inclued anti-slip rubber pad on the bottom of laptop for better friction if necessary.


    Great Gift Choice

    1. Pop-up Leg Stand * 2
    2. Anti-slip Rubber Pad * 2
    3. Install Ruler * 1


    1. For clean removal without damaging your attached device, use a sturdy enough string (like floss) to cut the foam tape that secures the leg and device (after getting half way, the rest can be laterally twisted off).
    2. Once separated, pull any remaining foam tape laterally for easier removal (afterwards, any remnant bits can be rubbed off with a paper towel pretty easily).
    3. Then you can stick the new foam tape which you can get from aulumu website, and re-attach the kickstand.

    You can get the adhesive pack from our website, and easily reuse it on other devices

    The small silicone pad is a non-slip pad, you can stick it on the bottom of the back of laptop to increase friction. Use the kickstand on a smooth table.

    Yes, it can support up to 5kg weight, works great with 16'' MacBook Pro and other devices.