IPhone Case

The case on the YouTube video is the first version, which has been sold out now.
Now there is only normal camera ring version on iPhone 14 series.
But we are work on it to improve it.

Because the buttons on the side of the case are not fixed, it is normal for the case to make a slight rattling noise when shaken.
For more precise and quicker pressing of the volume keys as well as other buttons,almost all clear cell phone cases have unfixed buttons, so please don't worry about it.

Leather has a certain level of absorbency and may absorb surrounding colors. This is a normal phenomenon, so please don't worry.

We suggest lightly wiping the dyed area with alcohol.

Leather, when exposed to air, undergoes an oxidation reaction. The accumulation of dust and dirt particles can gradually cause a white phone case to turn yellow.
To prevent and slow down the yellowing of your white leather phone case, you can regularly clean it by using a soft dry cloth or a slightly damp cloth to wipe away surface dust and dirt.

Currently, we only have cases for the 14 and 15 series. We are not considering making cases for older models at this time.

The clear crystal case is no longer in production due to the special material and is currently only available in the US and Japan warehouses.
Therefore, we have only opened the area where you can buy clear crystal cases in the US and Japan on our independent website.

AirPods Case

Due to the material and design appearance of the A09 headphone case, you have to put our included sticker on the top of the airpods pro to keep it from falling off.
And please don't worry, the sticker is easy to remove and won't leave any stains on your airpods.

In the first version, the design included a magnet. Due to certain issues, the magnet might come loose. To improve the user experience, we have switched to a design without a magnet in subsequent versions.

If we can resolve the issue of the magnet coming loose, we may consider restoring the magnet design.

If it gets dirty, please try cleaning it with alcohol.